Australia Day 2023 - What To Expect

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Australia Day cruises take you right into the thick of all the iconic harbour events.

The 2023 Australia Day program curated by the The Australia Day Council of NSW and NSW Government is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever national day celebrations the country has ever seen. Along with the traditional events such as Ferrython, Tall Ships Race, Harbour Parade etc, this year’s program will bring back some of the most iconic events back to the harbour, including the Maritime Mayhem.

After a jam-packed daytime program, the celebrations will come to a rousing finale with Australia Day Live – a spectacular land and water concert, performed by top Aussie acts, and choreographed to a flotilla of yachts, jet skiers, and flyboarders, along with an extravagant fireworks display. For the best, crowd-free perspective of the harbour events, book the popular Australia Day cruises.